Entry #2

Dragon's Lair Live! has overall positive feedback.

2015-10-26 15:15:34 by DanielFStudios

Hi NewGrounds Users and Viewers,

My latest work here on NewGrounds, Dragon's Lair Live!, has gotten 4 out of 5 positive comments.

Also, my Halloween Special is about 3% through Storyboarding. It's gonna be the first ofifcial cartoon starring my childhood-created franchise; Stan and Posie. I won't give away a lot right now. Except that Stan is a 16-year-old Autistic Genius and Posie is his Three-Toed Sloth Lab Partner.

Hope you guys will enjoy. It should be finished and uploaded to YouTube and here on NewGrounds by Halloween (I hope). I've been stalling production for a while, though. But, where there's life, there's hope.

-See you later,



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